The CAO Pilón Añejo Is Now a Full-Time Line

The original CAO Pilón cigar was released in 2015. It was named after the unique “pilón” process of fermentation that was used in its production. Rather than placing the tobacco leaves in rectangular stacks that heat up as decomposition progresses, the leaves are placed in a large circular formation (called a pilón). This causes the natural heat from decomposition to increase more gradually. The result: a longer fermentation process that unlocks different dimensions of flavor.

Eventually, in spring of 2022, CAO took this concept even further with the Pilón Añejo. They stayed true to the fermentation process of the original, but then opted to age the finished cigars for a full two years. Given this time-intensive production, the blend was expected to remain limited to the 5,000 boxes that initially shipped. It turns out that isn’t the case.

Box of CAO Pilón Añejo Robusto
CAO Pilón Añejo Robusto

Earlier this month, General Cigar Co. announced that the Pilón Añejo will be a full-time line. As Senior Brand Manager Ed Lahmann stated via press release, “…it quickly became apparent that we needed to make [the Pilón Añejo] more than just a one-time offering. So we took on the labor and time intensive methods needed to ferment the tobacco and age the cigars and are making this a full-time brand for CAO.”

Of course, given the work that goes into a cigar like this, boxes won’t exactly be abundant. Still, the Pilón Añejo isn’t vanishing for good. Best of all, you can get excellent deals on any of the Pilón Añejo’s three available sizes right now at Best Cigar Prices. Choose from the Robusto, Toro, and Gigante. But act fast—the next batch might take a while to arrive!

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