Cigar Review: Cain F Nub Habano 464

Every once and a while, I read a blog post where the author places periods after every word in a sentence for emphasis. Smoking the Cain F Nub Habano 464 has inspired me to replicate this trend.

This. Cigar. Kicked. My. Butt.

Are full-bodied cigars not strong enough for you? Do you want a nicotine buzz that will make you sweat? Do you enjoy the taste of a cigar penetrating every pore of your body and piece of clothing? Do you want the most delicious cigar ever made that also could make you pass out? The Cain F Nub is for you.

Was it for me? Regular readers of this blog know my tastes lie closer to medium-bodied stogies. My past experiences with cigars like the powerhouse Gurkha Assassin left me somewhat breathless. I’m no less of a man to admit that some cigars are just too strong for me. This was unquestionably one of them.

But then again, this was also hands-down one of the most complex cigars I’ve ever smoked. It may have been a harrowing experience, but it was definitely a thrill ride I’m glad I bought a ticket for.

It’s a hell of a lot of cigar to get lit, and at first the draw was too tight, but I chopped off a bit more of the torpedo cap and that’s when the full force of the cigar impressed itself upon my palate. Mouth-enveloping spice, all-encompassing tobacco strength and a woody sweetness were impossible to miss. After the intensity smoothed out a bit I was able to focus on what can only be described as a rotating cast of flavor characteristics.

While the base remained woody, I was treated to all sorts of fleeting flavors. First there was caramel, giving way to milk chocolate. Then the cigar became sweet and cedary, and all of the sudden I got a sour apple taste. Sour apple, people! What flavors aren’t in this cigar? In due time I would also be treated to earth, cayenne pepper and hazlenut.

By the halfway point, the nicotine buzz was in full force and the complexity of this cigar was dizzying. My palate was completely engaged in the long, rich finish of this Incredible Hulk of a blend. I felt like the aroma had crept under my skin, and started thinking that if I had a strong liquor to pair with this stick, the stick would probably win out. I know a lot of you full-bodied fans are going to call me a wimp, but there is no denying this is one of the strongest cigars out there.

Despite being a bit butt-kicking for my tastes, I was impressed by its construction, absence of harshness and above all, its true complexity. The Cain F Nub Habano 464 is a must-smoke for full-bodied aficionados. Beginners should steer clear and stick with the incredibly tasty regular Nubs. I probably should too.

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