Cigar Review: Medici Robolo

Zac: Travis and I just smoked a brand-spanking new addition to our Medici line of cigars, the Medici Robolo. For those not familiar with the line, it’s another cigar made exclusively for us by Alec Bradley, makers of some very famous high-end sticks like Prensado, Family Blend and Tempus.

I’m excited about the Robolo size, a 4½ x 60, because I’m a huge fan of the Nub cigars, which I’ve reviewed for this blog before. The Robolo has a similarly huge ring gauge and is just a tad bit longer. It’s still the perfect size for me — it took us less than an hour to get through most of this delicious medium- to full-bodied cigar. I’m going to let this nicotine buzz die down a bit before I weigh in… Travis, give them the flavor lowdown.

Travis: I’ve smoked a bunch of Medicis, but obviously this was my first shot at the Robolo size. This one had the same pre-light characteristics I love about the Medici, most notably the delicious pre-light aroma. This one hits hard right away with a rich chocolaty flavor, and you can feel the strength coming through. I also got some undertones of wood and spice that typically are more subtle in the other Medici sizes. I give the credit to the larger ring size giving the subtle flavors a little more space to develop. The other aspect of the 60+ gauge trend is that the smoke cools off just a little, which I found perfect for the relaxing afternoon smoke we were enjoying. After about a half inch or so the chocolate started to mellow out, the wood came more to the forefront and I was met with just pure, rich and smooth tobacco flavors. I was just kicking back while Zac was snapping enough photos for a centerfold spread, but I’m sure he’s got some flavor notes for you as well.

Zac: The milk chocolate notes are definitely the most present and interesting aspect of this cigar’s complexity, but my favorite part was the spice. I find that with other cigars in this body range, after that initial peppery blast the spice often mellows out too much. The Medici hit the nail on the head, and I loved that the black pepper remained subtle but tangible throughout the whole smoke. Sometimes it was a tip-of-the-tongue sensation, but I also had that nice kick at the back of the palate, particularly on the finish. I found the woodiness of the cigar tapered off after the first half and was joined with a more leathery core closer to the nub. The Medici is an extremely well-balanced cigar to begin with, but I agree with you, this size really brings the subtleties to the foreground. Travis, I’m sold, do you think our customers will be? That strange guy hanging around while we smoked seemed interested….

Travis: I don’t know about that strange fellow, but I think our customers who enjoy rich, full flavored cigars will be all over these. This one ended for me with a huge burst of chocolate that finished this one off sweet and satisfying. Couldn’t have asked for a more big flavor from this big-ring cigar. Alec Bradley is kicking ash like Chuck Norris these days, and they’ve certainly delivered another roundhouse with this smoke. In fact, I think these are so good I’m going to put together a killer deal with them a throw it out on our e-mail special today!

Zac: Let’s do it!

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