The Barn Smoker is Back for 2022

With the Omicron variant seemingly receding, many companies and organizations are feeling confident enough to finally hold in-person events again. Drew Estate is no different. The brand recently announced, via a Facebook Live video, that their beloved Barn Smoker is returning in 2022.

The return of Barn Smoker events is a pretty astonishing development, especially considering virtual Barn Smoker events were canceled just three months ago. Still, the 2022 celebrations will be held in five different locations across the U.S. from May through October. The Barn Smoker schedule currently looks like this:
Clermont, FL — May 13-15
Strasburg, PA — July 15-16
Ellington, CT — Aug. 12-14
Hopkinsville, KY — Sept. 30-Oct. 1
Parker, TX (Barn Smoker Presents: Savage Feast) — Oct. 21-22

As always, attendees can expect an unmatched combination of fine cigars and spirits, along with outstanding food. On top of that, each event will have a pre-party celebrating Drew Estate’s 25th anniversary. The Savage Feast at the final location will cap off the series with several of Drew Estate’s ambassadors, tobacco farmers, and more.

Naturally, tickets for the 2022 Barn Smoker events will first be offered to ticket holders from last year’s canceled events. After that, tickets are available to the general public starting at noon on February 18. Be sure to get yours today and join the festivities!

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