La Gloria Cubana Spanish Press Cigar Review (Pre-Release)

W: Nicaraguan Jalapa

B: Mexican San Andres

F: Brazilian Mata Fina, Dominican Olor + Pilotico, Nicaraguan Jalapa

Origin: El Credito, General Cigar Dominicana

La Gloria Cubana’s forthcoming Spanish Press line isn’t just another new stick with a fancy name. “Spanish Press” refers to the technique used in finishing the rolled cigars in which the cigars are placed into special trays with dividers immediately after rolling, giving them a squared shape for an improved burn and draw. Crafted at the El Credito Cigar Factory, a boutique rolling gallery located within General Cigar Dominicana designated solely for the production of La Gloria cigars, the Spanish Press caught my eye immediately with its flashy band and unique shape. A review was inevitable.

Pre-light draws gave a glimpse of fresh-cut cedar, hay, and a faint red wine sweetness. I noted that the band on the cigar was placed in a way that centered the brand’s logo on the thinner edge of the cigar rather than the flatter side as you’d see with the usual box-press – an interesting little choice that really stands out.

After the torch, the cigar opened up with a taste of bold, smoky cedar, hints of leather, trickles of dark fruit sweetness, and lively black and white pepper on the finish. This thing came out of the gate guns a-blazin’ with full flavor. Draw was ample, burn was straight.

In the second 3rd the intense flavors parted to make way for a cool stream of cream and new amalgamate of baking spice notes. This portion was far more mellow in taste than the initial couple of inches, though a quick retrohale confirmed that the spice was still very much alive. Like, eye-wateringly alive. 

Smooth leather and nutmeg led me into the final third, followed by some strong espresso vibes and a slight black cherry sweetness. It was at this point that I finally began to feel the strength of the cigar and slowed down the pace a bit as a result. This allowed me to linger in this relaxing profile long enough to witness a pinch of red pepper pop up in the finish, just before laying the nub down in its final resting place.

Admittedly, I’m a La Gloria Cubana fan, so when a new one crosses my desk it has a captive audience. That being said, the Spanish Press is an extremely well-conceived smoke that would have impressed me had it come from any manufacturer.

This thing kinda hits all the spots – It has balls for the heavy-hitters, it has depth for the thinking man, and it has an impeccable burn and draw that makes it easy for anyone to enjoy. The aroma of this cigar, both before and after lighting, is the distinct and unmistakable essence of the El Credito factory, which is an orgasmic sensory blast for any real cigar-head. So, when you light up the Spanish Press, you’re getting an experience that’s as authentic as it gets short of flying you to the Dominican and shoving you straight into the aging room. Personally, I suggest you obtain this experience in a more convenient and civilized fashion, such as getting it here for a bit less then retail when it arrives very soon (I’ll keep you posted).

UPDATE: La Gloria Cubana Spanish Press is in stock now right here

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