Al Capone Sweets Cognac Filtered Small Packs: 100 Cigarillos
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Al Capone Sweets Cognac Filtered Cigarillos

From: Al Capone Item #: 3952
2X Deal - 200 Total Cigars
In Stock
Small Packs: 100 Cigarillos
In Stock
About This Cigar
Count 100 Cigars
Diameter 20 Ring
Flavor Cognac
Length 3 1/2 Inches
Origin Honduras
Packaging Small Packs
Shape Regular
Strength Mellow-medium
Wrapper Brazilian

Handmade in Honduras using a unique blend of Nicaraguan and Brazilian tobaccos, Al Capone cigarillos are infused with the savory flavors of Rum and Cognac. Available in both filtered and non-filtered versions, Al Capones are the perfect small smoke for lovers of bold flavor.

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Capone cigars

Awesome products! Smooth and tasty! I’ll buy nothing else!

By jason on Nov 16, 2023

I've been looking for these for a long time.
Glad to get them back in the store.

By Maria on Sep 14, 2023

By matt on Aug 22, 2023

By Alan on Aug 15, 2023


By joseph on Aug 3, 2023

By Dennis on Apr 27, 2023

Al Capone Sweets

Best cigarillos, I order regularly and the service is always outstanding!!!

By Liisa on Apr 24, 2023


I have been smoking these for over 15 years and that should tell you how much I love them.

By Scott on Mar 14, 2023

By Conrad on Feb 28, 2023

al capone sweets filtered

ive been using this product for several years and are very happy with it

By randal on Dec 23, 2022


smooth and good value

By Richard on Dec 20, 2022

Great Smoke

Excellent Quality cigars that don’t take an hour to smoke highly recommend. Also regular shipping was really fast

By Shane on Sep 1, 2022

CN review

Also prompt delivery.

By Carol on Jun 10, 2021

This service is excellent, delivery is feast, the product is great.

By Greg on May 18, 2021


Best value anywhere and fast delivery.

By MICHAEL on Apr 27, 2021

Al capones

Smoothest cigarillos to smoke!

By patti on Feb 8, 2021



By Michael on Feb 5, 2021

By Peter on Dec 3, 2020

Good taste

Taste good,smell good

By Keith on Nov 26, 2020

The cigars were fresh, fairly priced, and shipping was fast.

By Dennis on Nov 11, 2020


These sweets are the perfect size and have a mild flavor that taste great.

By Chris on Nov 3, 2020

Best cigarillos

Very well packaged and prompt shipping. Cigar taste fresh and smooth.

By Aman on Oct 29, 2020

Great Product

These cigars are great. Smooth and come in a nice 10 pack. Best has the best prices and ships in a few days. I would recommend this site to anyone looking for cigars.

By Mike on Oct 20, 2020

Al Capone Sweets

These cigarillos are fine and taste good. Not too strong and have filter. A little bit pricy I’d say.

By Georgiy on Sep 24, 2020

Fast ordering

Ordering on-line, quick ,and easy. Sweets are the best.

By Robert on Aug 9, 2020

Good product

I enjoy the speedy shipping of this product.

By Leon on Aug 9, 2020

Good Cigarillos

good tasting, not dry. Quick shipping.

By Daniel on Jul 30, 2020

By Marianne on Jul 28, 2020

quick service

every order I made arrived promptly and in good condition.

By andrew on Jul 7, 2020

Al Capone filters

Product was fresh & shipped in a timely manner.

By Nicole on Jun 23, 2020


Very fast processing and shipping.
Great customer service when needed.
Competitive prices.

By david on Jun 16, 2020

By William on May 26, 2020

Al Capone Sweets Cognac Filtered - 3 1/2 x 20—Small

Love these little cigars! Great taste & mild flavor

By Holly on Mar 19, 2020


Order my sweets and get it right away, price is great and delivery always on time.

By FELIPE on Dec 31, 2019

Al Capone Sweets Review

Speedy shipping and great product.

By Melody on Dec 31, 2019

Gary wright

best place to get the Al Capone smokes good service and timely delivery

By Gary on Oct 3, 2019

By John on Oct 3, 2019

Al Capone

Always fresh and on time

By eric on Oct 1, 2019

Great price for this smoke!

This purchase was a great investment. Rather than purchasing individual packs, the 20 small pack purchase for the cost at Best Cigar Prices ended up saving me lots of money this month! I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys Al Capone Sweets!

By Seraphim on Jul 23, 2019

Nice little cigarillo

Smokes very smooth. A great little cigarillo.

By Karen on Jul 9, 2019


Very mild, sweet taste

By alan on Jun 24, 2019

Great Company

Prompt service and excellent value. Prices better than I can find locally even after shipping. Love my evening Al Capones while sipping some honey whiskey.

By DANIEL on May 31, 2019

Capone Sweets Filtered

Smooth,mild. Price could be better

By Paul on May 28, 2019

Great price

Can’t bear the price

By Heather on Mar 29, 2019

By Michael on Mar 21, 2019

By DANIEL on Feb 28, 2019

By albert on Dec 27, 2018

Great service

Delivered quickly with great customer service.

By Christine on Dec 21, 2018

Nice and sweet and perfect size.

By Larry on Dec 5, 2018

Not impressed

I was looking for a quick substitute for a good cigar. Unfortunately these did not quite hit the spot. I will say that my wife enjoyed smoking these very much

By David on Oct 12, 2018

By Robert on Aug 17, 2018

By Scott on Aug 7, 2018

By Rannie on Jul 31, 2018

Great little cigars

Love these little things. Like the filtered better than the non filtered... nice sweet taste. Best prices I can find anywhere on this site as well.

By Elizabeth on Jul 31, 2018

Filtered cigars

By sharon on Jul 10, 2018

Great little cigar. Sweet tasting, burns slow.

By ROBERT on May 8, 2018

My husband loves these cigarillos. They are hard to find in retail businesses close to home. Travel 30 miles to purchase. Convenience of ordering online is great, and the price is better.

By Jodie on Mar 8, 2018

Love Al Capones!

Friendly customer service.

By james on Mar 2, 2018

Excellent service

By Sherry on Feb 27, 2018

Al Capone Sweets

Very well done, light a great tasting.

By Dawn on Feb 22, 2018

Cigarillos are better than cigarettes

I have been smoking Al Capones and Villiger Sweets for about a year having switched from more than 2 packs of Marlboros and find that I can still enjoy some tabocco but smoke far less (about 5 per day). Both of these products are smooth and enjoyable!

By Richard on Jan 18, 2018

Good little cigars

These have a great taste and are a pleasant smoke.

By Chester on Jan 16, 2018

By Okan on Dec 27, 2017

Best price ever!!!!

I'm so glad there is justice, your prices r amazing, 10 stars your grade,

By James on Dec 12, 2017

By John on Dec 5, 2017

Good Product Great Price

Al Capone cigars are high quality low cost cigars. I been smoking these for over 10 years, there are no substitutes.

By Kenneth on Dec 5, 2017

Love them,they are getting hard to find locally.

By Ray on Nov 28, 2017

Great Cigars

I love these cigars. They are the perfect size when I don't have time for a big cigar.

By Pamela on Oct 17, 2017

Al Capone sweets

Excellent little smoke, good flavor and slow burning for the perfect short smoke!

By Bernard on Aug 31, 2017

By fouad on Aug 29, 2017


I love your service, I order and my order gets shipped immediately. The cigars are fresh and it beats trying to buy them locally with the availability and pricing not at all comparable to best cigars. I would recommend your site to all my cigar smoking friends. Just wished you sold cigarettes as well :)

By Karen on Aug 22, 2017

Al Capone sweets cognac filtered cigarillos.

Thank you "Best Cigar Prices" for the 10 pack of Al Capones... Fast and easy. Best prices on the internet.

By paul on Aug 16, 2017

By Tamer on Aug 10, 2017

Great Service

Shopped around and Best Cigar had the best prices. Delivery was absolutely on time. Couldn't be happier.

By Patricia on Aug 3, 2017

best cigarillos on the market

I can’t to smoke any cigarets after that

By igor on Jun 24, 2017

Al Capone Sweets

This is perfect taste and blend to go with my evening glass of wine. Perfect smoke.

By Paula on Jun 9, 2017

By art on May 9, 2017

Sweet Filters

I enjoyed the mild aroma and taste.

By Tom on Apr 13, 2017

By Tom on Apr 11, 2017

alcapone with filter

Verified Reviewer

I picked up a couple of these that had filters. They only cost me about a buck and I wanted to try them while on a long drive to the field. They're not bad, they are certainly sweet and the smell was bearable to those around me. I would like to try some more of these to really figure out the flavor.
I couldn't tell the taste of 'cognac' or even a real brandy taste to it, but I might have to blame that on the filter.
If you like smoking cigarette length cigars and mini cigarillos these are perfect. They smoke a little longer than cigarettes and the smoke is a bit creamy if you smoke it slow.

Overall, not bad. 3-ish stars, good for every day if you like little smokes and like flavor.

By szabolcs on Apr 9, 2017

By John on Feb 17, 2017

By Ron on Feb 16, 2017

Love love LOVE

I love these little cigarillos. I started buying them in the store when I "thought" by smoking cigars I would give up smoking...ha! I like them far better than I ever did cigarettes!

By Sequel on Dec 20, 2016

Nice cigarillo

I really like this little cigar. The taste is mild with a nice sweet cognac scent. I like the flip top box.

By Kathy on Dec 1, 2016

Al Capones

They are very smooth

By Karen on Nov 16, 2015

Al capone

Like the flavor of the filtered cigar

By Karen on Oct 26, 2015

Al Capone filter sweets

Like that they are smooth and sweet

By Karen on Sep 9, 2015


good product and excellent sevvice

By Tom on Aug 27, 2015

Best smoke there is!

I gave up cigarettes, don't like pipes, and can't stand regular cigars. But these are the best thing I have ever smoked, I don't need to smoke a whole pack a day, I have cut down to 5 or so a day. I don't have the urge to smoke all the time. The smell of cigarettes makes me sick, but not the Al Capone Sweets Filter.

By Todd on Aug 6, 2015

Al Capone review

They are smooth

By Karen on Aug 3, 2015

Mr.Clinton Dotson

Al Capone Sweets Filtered have an excellent taste, always fresh, attractive appearance, and mild flavor.

By Clinton on Jul 9, 2015

Al capones

They are smooth

By Karen on Jun 28, 2015

C. Dotson

Always fresh , great flavor

By Clinton on May 28, 2015


Very well made little cigar.

By Newell on May 25, 2015


An Al Capone Sweet is a lovely afternoon treat.

By Lisa on Apr 25, 2015

Al Capone sweets filtered

I like them because they are mild

By Karen on Feb 5, 2015

Sweet and Mild

I love these little cigars! They are slow burning, and have a sweetness to them. They are fresher here at BestCigarPrices than they are at some of my local shops.

By Natasha on Jan 19, 2015

Clinton Dotson

Great little cigar; mild taste and excellent flavor.

By Clinton on Sep 4, 2014

Clinton Dotson

The Al Capone Sweets with filter are very mild with excellent flavor and I have received outstanding service from Best Cigars. Have been a repeat customer for many years.

By Clinton on Sep 4, 2014

al capone sweets

These are wonderful little cigars that are great to have after an evenings meal with a glass of wine. Not to sweet so not only do women enjoy but also for the man in your life. Highly recommend

By Phillis on Jun 5, 2014

Al Capone's

Love these cigarillos and all my friends too! Great aroma and taste! Have been smoking these for 8 years and will never switch to anything else...

By Sam on Jun 5, 2014

Al Capone Sweets Cognac Filtered is rated 5 out of 5 based on 101 customer ratings.

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