Don Tomas Clasico Robusto Maduro Box - 25 Total Cigars
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Don Tomas Clasico Robusto Maduro

From: Don Tomas Clasico Item #: 8803
About This Cigar
Count 25 Cigars
Diameter 50 Ring
Filler Long
Length 5 1/2 Inches
Origin Honduras
Packaging Box
Shape Regular
Strength Full
Wrapper Maduro

Rating: 85 by Cigar Aficionado

Under the guidance of Villazon's renowned cigar master, Estelo Padron, the Don Tomas Clasico returns to its classic Honduran roots with new blends that once-again use the rich, full-flavored Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos that made the original Don Tomas one of the best Honduran cigars in the world. Expect a mellow-to-medium bodied smoke with subtle coffee and toast flavors, and hints of spice.

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They look wonderful

By Georgia on Oct 13, 2022

Clasico Robusto Maduro

I truly like these cigars, the flavor and the way they burn is just great. I do put them in a humidor for about a week or so before I smoke them.

By Bob on May 9, 2021

Don Tomas

Good quality smoke for a attractive price. Maduro wrapper enhances flavor and burns smooth and even.

By james on Feb 23, 2021

By Ron on Nov 14, 2019

A decent smoke..

Has a decent flavor and burns nicely...

By Ray on Dec 4, 2018

By Patrick on Dec 1, 2017


I would have gave this smoke six stars if it were possible! The rich and smooth flavors of this smoke hit my sweet spot just right. Great construction, burn and complexity. And the price is just right also. If you love rich maduro cigars, you need to give this one a try!!

By Leslie on Apr 14, 2017

A decent entry level cigar that is still affordable, at a time when cigar prices continue to become more and more expensive.

By Steve on Apr 13, 2017

good deal

tasty nice even flavour

By Allen on Apr 11, 2017

By Lance on Jan 24, 2017

Nice smoke

One of my favorite cigars.
Good flavor nice draw
Great taste and easy draws.
Very consistent. Just wish they made 6 or 6 1/2x50

By Larry on Nov 24, 2016

Excellent for the price

For the price, this is an excellent Maduro wrapped stick. Consistent all the way through with great smoke. However the outer wrapper peels at the tip consistently (5 sticks so far) even though the cigars arrived in otherwise good condition and are in a proper humidor; the burn and ash are great (they are not dry), it's just a less than optimal outer wrapper. But I will order them again.

By Daniel on Mar 29, 2015

Consistent Flavor with surprises

There are 3 ways to experience this cigar and it will depends on tastes and circumstance. 1) is a more negative "Nothing special, a good campfire cigar" (a review a grabbed from a guy who had a Presidente version of this); 2) would be "if you like consistant and fairly bitter flavors of Italian (dark) coffee mixed with cocao this is the cigar for you"; 3) is "Although the dark coffee is fairly consistent all the the way through, it has many subtle nuances that if you take the time to analyse this smoke, you will enjoy it"

That said, let me interject that for me, and likely all, this will not be a go to smoke but it is nice, relaxing and contemplative when you have the time and the mood strikes you. For me that may be once or twice. Now let me focus my attention on the 3rd statement.

Upon lighting the foot, it was heavily flavored with cocoa with the dark coffee being most prominent. As I passed through the first inch or so things began to change. It became more cream, athough still a heavy and more bitter smoke than many of the sweeter varieties available. If you like dark coffee (or the flavor of espresso) with dark unsweetened chocolate you will very much enjoy the cigar if you have the opportunity to focus on the subtle nuances.

So, as it progressed the coffee and cocao stayed consistent but a creamy smoothness entered into it with some very predominant nutty flavors, the most noticeable around the 2nd 3rd of the cigar would be a walnut flavor. The coffee became more of latte and the cocao mellowed into more of a dark semi sweet chocolate and were undertoned by the nutty and creamy flavors. I got hints of caramel and approaching the 3rd section white pepper started to pop up with some occassional floral and strong tobacco notes on roughly every 3rd puff. The dark coffee and cocao returned to dominate but as it did so a red pepper came into play, giving it a nice bite and leathery undertones emerged as it progressed further a black pepper note became predominant the cocao faded away leaving a very strong coffee undertone with a leather accompanyment. As I neared the nub, the pepper started to disappear and I was left with a strong leather and earthy flavor which eventually became bitter. I was able to nub it with enough enjoyment.

Now, I smoked this with nothing to drink. A sweet but not too strong appertif would be suggested, or a cocktail such as a black russian. You could do well with Baileys, Brandy, and I would think Frangelico would be very nice with it. If you're not in the mood for an appertif, I'm sure a cream and sugared coffee would fare you just as well.

This was my second smoking of this particular cigar. If asked on the first time round I would have said it was simply a smooth and earthy smoke which is true if you're not paying attention to it.

For the price, it really is a fine cigar. I did have to touch it up 4 times to even the burn. The draw was nice and even, the ash was a nice white end held nicely for each 3rd before falling off. In my opinion it is certainly not a go to cigar but it is one that can be enjoyed in the right setting and would be a fine cigar to start with if you're just getting into cigars. (However, if you are just starting out I recommend you be adventurous, if you like this cigar, stick to this ring gauge or thicker for a time. It won't take you long to find other favorites.)

I would have no problem keeping a few of these in my humidor to smoke when I felt I wanted something this thick, rich and mellow.

In the end, you must play close attention to it all or you will miss the surprises this little gem has to offer.

By Robert on Apr 22, 2014

Solid cigar for the price

I always get compliments on the aroma these cigars give off. More coffee/caramel notes than you would expect. It is more of a medium than full bodied smoke in my opinion.

By Jason on Dec 26, 2012

Don Tomas Clasico Robusto Maduro is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 14 customer ratings.

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