Don Tomas Clasico

Don Tomas is one of the oldest names in cigars emanating from Honduras. True to its origin, Don Tomas is rich in flavor and heritage. Don Tomas fine cigars have been skillfully crafted by hand in the old-world tradition in Danli, Honduras since the 1970's. High quality and attractive pricing have earned Don Tomas the reputation as one of the best values in the world of premium cigars today. Under the guidance of Villazon's renowned cigar master, Estelo Padron, the Don Tomas Clasico returns to its classic Honduran roots with new blends that once again use the rich, full-flavored Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos that made the original Don Tomas one of the best Honduran cigars in the world. Expect a mellow-to-medium bodied smoke with subtle coffee and toast flavors, and hints of spice.

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Don Tomas Clasico / Don Tomas Clasico Cigars