Gran Habano Cigars

Gran Habano cigars offer an unmatched premium smoking experience for aficionados of every distinction. From the classically mellow Gran Habano #1, to the medium-bodied and savory Gran Habano #3 Habano, and right on to the powerful Gran Habano #5 Corojo, each blend in the Gran Habano cigars line-up delivers two things flawlessly: unmistakable, satisfying flavor, and a sharp, maintenance-free burn.

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Gran Habano #5 Corojo (13)
Gran Habano #1 Connecticut (9)
Gran Habano #5 Corojo Maduro (9)
Gran Habano #3 Habano (8)
La Conquista (4)
Gran Habano Gran Reserva #5 (3)
Gran Habano S.T.K. Black Dahlia (3)

Honduras (56)
Various (1)

20 (40)
10 (5)
5 (3)
24 (3)
100 (3)
1 (2)
4 (1)

Various (4)
Full (33)
Medium (10)
Mellow (7)
Mellow-Medium (2)
Medium-Full (1)

Box (47)
Small Packs (3)
Sealed Pack (2)
Stick (2)
2X Deal (1)
Cigars with Accessory (1)
Loose Pack (1)

Regular (54)
Pyramid (3)

Corojo (19)
Habano (15)
Maduro (10)
Connecticut (9)
Various (4)


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4" - 6" (36)
6" - 8" (31)
Under 4" (4)

Not Rated (45)
86 to 90 (11)
81 to 85 (1)

50 - 54 (31)
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60 - 64 (9)
44 - 49 (5)
65 - 70 (5)
Under 43 (4)
70 & Over (2)

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Gran Habano / Gran Habano Cigars

More About Gran Habano Cigars

Gran Habano Cigars

Gran Habano Cigars -

Founded in 1995, GR Tabacaleras Unidas, or Gran Habano Cigars, was the creation of Guillermo Rico and his son George. Guillermo is a third generation leaf grower who understands and appreciates the tobacco process. Even though his company is relatively new, Gran Habano cigars are quickly gaining respect and recognition among serious cigar smokers. The Gran Habano 3 Siglos Gran Corona was ranked number twenty in Cigar Aficionado’s top twenty-five cigars of 2007. In a little over ten years, Guillermo has certainly made his mark, as all Gran Habano cigars have their own unique qualities.

Using their famous Habano and Corojo seeds to grow the tobacco, Gran Habano cigars are given the proper attention from the start. These seeds are grown on company owned farms in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and in the Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua. At the Gran Habano cigars quality control facility, the tobacco is inspected and tested with the latest equipment to ensure that every cigar you smoke maintains consistency. Gran Habano cigars are then finished with a triple cap head.

Gran Habano cigars are offered in three distinct blends: the #1, #3, or #5. All of these Gran Habano cigars were introduced in 2003.

The Gran Habano #1 Cigar uses a mellow and smooth Connecticut wrapper, while still utilizing Nicaraguan Habano tobacco for the binder and filler. The Gran Habano #1 Cigar is a mellow to medium bodied cigar, and it comes in a variety of sizes to suit any type of smoker. For a nice mellow smoke in the morning, try a Gran Habano #1 Cigar.

The Gran Habano #3 Cigar is a bit more powerful than the #1, with medium to full body. Despite its strength, the Gran Habano #3 Cigar maintains a smooth balanced taste thanks to its carefully selected blend of great tobaccos. A rich Nicaraguan Habano wrapper and binder hold Nicaraguan Habano, Mexican, and Costa Rican filler tobaccos that come together to exude an awesomely tasty flavor profile. For a classic smoke with satisfying deep taste, you can't go wrong with Gran Habano #3.

The Gran Habano #5 Cigar is the most powerful of the Gran Habano cigars. This cigar is for the aficionado that enjoys bold taste and spicy tobacco. The full-bodied Gran Habano #5 showcases a Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper over Nicaraguan Habano binder and Nicaraguan Habano and Costa Rican filler leaves. Of all the Gran Habano cigars, the #5's have recieved the most rave reviews from our customers who are veteran smokers, and we think by picking up a box you’ll surely agree.

Another one of our favorite Gran Habano cigars is the Azteca, a visually striking, "beast" of a cigar. Adorned with a dark San Andres wrapper and binder, these excellent Gran Habano cigars feature a unique filler blend of Nicaraguan and Panamanian tobaccos. Gran Habano Azteca cigars boast notes of rich chocolate, nuts, coffee, and caramel, making them perfect for an after dinner smoke.

Regardless of which Gran Habano cigar you choose, you're sure to appreciate the high level of quality that's on display in each stick. Pick up your favorite Gran Habano cigars at the lowest prices online here at Best Cigar Prices.